The Lily camera is pretty cool looking…  It reminds me of the Go Pro cameras, but it doesn’t require you to wear it on your head or your bike.  Lily flys around watching you and the action and recording everything.  It always points at you (you wear a GPS tracker in your pocket) and Lily will stay within a safe distance to film. Of course someone asked in the FAQs if you can use it to spy on neighbors.

Lily is always pointing at you and less than 100ft from you (pro tip: best shots are in the 10-30ft range). Also, Lily’s motors make noise. So other people will most likely notice Lily and quickly figure out where you are. You are better off climbing up a tree and using binoculars.

I was surprised to read though that Lily does have sound.  Personally I’m not sure I’d pay the price for Lily but if I wanted to record and make action videos this might be the way to go.  Lily is almost like having your own flying camera man with you at all times and you are in the action.  Most of the other cameras allow you to film the action away from you showing what’s going on around you.  I do know a friend that will be interested in this and I’m sure will be one of the first in line.

Watch preview on Youtube

Lily is on presale for $500 until June 15th and will then increase to $999.  Shipping is in February 2016!  Educationally Lily combines video editing for kids with cool robotics to play with.  Anything that gets kids active too can be a good thing!  This camera takes kids outside for a while and gets them moving before pulling them in to view, edit, and share their action. – Still a hefty a price tag, but for video and sports enthusiast I can see this being a must have.  I can also see future sports events, especially school sports events, with dueling Lily cameras flying around in the game recording the action!  Do you think it will come to that? Will parents (or coaches) start recording players during games with cameras that hover in the game?  I can already see it now for my son’s soccer games!