Yes, learning fractions can be fun. Fractions Smart Pirate.

Fractions are a challenge for many kids!  This is a math app that helps kids learn fractions with pirates. Play together with the pirates on four different islands and learn to read, compare and add decimals. There are four games in one. Each game is represented by an island.
On the first island we learn to read fractions. Work out how much pizza is available for the pirates in the boat after offering pizza to the pirates on the island. – Keep the pirates from having trouble.
On the second island, the pirates have to get across the bottomless abyss. In order to do it, they should balance the bridge using firecracker baskets. Help the pirates – choose a basket.
On the third island, the pirates come across an unexpected rival – One-eyed Captain.  Make sure they get bigger watermelons than the Captain does. Compare the fractions and find which is biggest.
On the fourth island, one of your sweet tooth pirates wants to help himself to a few pieces of cake. Offer him these cakes and guess what part of the whole cake he takes.  If you make a mistake, the pirate’s cake will be eaten by a  parrot.

•Four games in one: simple fractions, equivalents, comparison and addition.
•Simple fractions with denominators from 2 to 12 are randomly generated.
•Fun animations of the pirate and his friends
•Prompts are given at the beginning of every level
•Three different levels of difficulty in each game: Easy, Medium and Hard



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