This year we decided to add an iRobot remote controlled robot to our collection.  It has a rechargeable battery, a camera, and treads!  The cool arm that is included has a pincher that allows the robot to pick up items and carry them around the house.  

The boys on the day the picture was taken drove the robot around with a miniture TARDIS in it’s pincher arm and let it explore the kitchen.  We haven’t though managed to get the camera to work correctly and hooking it to the phone isn’t a simple task.  Using it with the remote is simple, and we have been sticking with that method so far.  

I plan to take it outdoors soon as and see how it handles on the grass and driveway.  For indoors it’s done a great job. I’m just waiting for my mother to borrow it to use to pick fetch things in her house so that she won’t have to get up from her chair.