iPad DisabledFor us, it came about because I left the room during an update. My youngest, who is normally wonderful with technology, and great at remembering all codes (cover your screen when putting in your password!), noticed the iPad was at the point of needing to go on and finish the update.  Apparently in the update process the iPad had automatically set the option for a code.  Being there I would have turned this off, but not being there, my youngest thought it was required.  He proceeded to set a code. Entering it not once, but twice.  When it came time to remember it though his answer was, it starts with 105 – leaving 10 combinations if he had the first three characters right.  As we tried each combination the iPad disabled itself for longer each time.  Hooking to a computer did nothing as it needed approved to allow me to approve it and to do that you have to unlock the iPad.

After trying all the combinations and nothing working, the only solution was to reset the iPad…. in our case the iPad had been a gift from grandma so it included a phone call to get her password also.  To unlock the iPad we did:

  1. Turn the iPad completely off
  2. Start iTunes
  3. Hold down the home button for a little while
  4. Plug the iPad into the computer while still holding down the home button
  5. The iPad will be in reset mode. (my itunes had to download an update, so it took two tries for me)
  6. Choose Reset instead of upgrade
  7. You will need the original owners password (in most cases this is your own, in ours it was my mothers)
  8. Once reset finishes you will have to walk through set up again and re add accounts and apps.

NOTE: If you reset your data and pictures will be gone!  But if you can’t figure out the code there is no other way in that I know of. My youngest took this really well and didn’t seem upset that he lost all of his stuff.  I think he took it as a chance to start over.