I recently was reading up on tools needed for homeschooling and found these lists.  Personally we don’t home school but we supplement.  Education does not end with the afternoon school bus.  Some tools that you can use include:

Computer paper and construction paper.   – Drawing and lot of other things.

Bookshelves: In our house we are overrun with books, so these are essential to not only putting things away but so things can be found.  Searching stacks for a favorite book is not fun.

Library Card: Now with the internet this isn’t as essential, but our library has lots of great programs.

Maps!  The world map is laminated and markable.

Dry erase boards: We use these all over the house to leave notes, plan menus and lots more.

Labels: I label all sorts of things.  I just finished labeling toy boxes with the  name of contents. The four year old quickly figured out how to read cars to find his current favorite toy.

Cricut: I’ve used vinyl labels made in a cricut to label all our rooms.  Seeing the names over and over again is h

 And finally we have an iPad.  It’s great for taking to places and letting my little one play.  He has really learning so much from it. It’s filled with educational apps.  – Right now though his favorite is Angry Birds.   Even if Angry Birds isn’t what I’d call educational it got him super excited about the game and now we have the physical game also.  He is developing depth perception and coordination while trying to set up the target (think building a house of cards) and line the catapult up to shoot.  Coordination is important too, so I’ve developed a new favorite for him at the moment.  He will quickly get tired of it, but for now he’s learning vital skills with  it.  I tried to create a few of the targets and wish I had developed some of that coordination early….


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A yellow bird collapses a structure onto several pigs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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