There are many Halloween game apps available. I happened to notice TOCA BOCA has one. – Toca Boo: You get to BE the ghost!


Being scary in a nice way

Bonnie lives with her family in a big, old house. It’s almost bedtime, and everyone is getting ready for bed — everyone but Bonnie. She has just dressed up as a ghost, and is sneaking around the house trying to scare her family as much as possible! And she needs your help!

The play design of this app is based on a game you’ve probably experienced: A giggling kid hides behind a curtain and suddenly jumps out to surprise you. The bigger your reaction, the more amusing it is to the kid.

My youngest loves the Toca apps, so we have just downloaded it to give it a try next. My youngest frequently goes back to the Toca apps (especially Toca Nature) when he is looking for something to do.  This app isn’t educational per se, but it does look fun and some reading is included.

Have a safe Halloween!