We’ve been trying to grow your own crystals. Our first experiment hasn’t gone so well. We tried a kit and the first thing was to mix up a solution that came with the kit. Not knowing for sure how this was to go, I poured the extra in to the side of the included rocks.  – Basically while mixing up the solution some of the mix didn’t dissolve.  The instructions said to dissolve it ALL in hotIMG_1904.JPG water, but I went with the amount of water being more important.  For future reference –  I should have weighted that importance differently.  After adding the mixture we ended with two rocks on one side and a slurry of mixture on the other.

The instructions say to let the mixture sit for a couple weeks and dissolve the liquid out.  The crystal mixture will form and stick to the rock.  Below is where we are currently.  while we are getting a few crystals on our rocks – we are also getting crystals on the slurry mixture that hadn’t dissolved.

Our crystals are fairly cool, and I can’t wait for the rest of the liquid to dissolve, but it isn’t quite the stunning crystal rock I was expecting….  Crystals forming on the slurry mixture was not part of our plan, BUT it did teach us something about how crystals form.  The crystals weren’t just looking for the rocks to adhere too.  We are going to try a few more times with other types of substances – several found around the house and a few more types that I can find in kits.