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Weirder than Marshmallows by Nightfire Publications ) – Yep I had to choose a palindrome….

I recently received the book Weirder than Marshmallows to review and can highly recommend it. It reminds me of the books that kids love – Goosebumps, but even better it is true stories.  It reminds me a lot of the show 100 Ways to Die or the World’s Dumbest shows that are currently on television.  It’s currently available in Kindle format or printed book. 

NightFire Publications was started in memory of Daniel Fogg, a brilliant young writer who’s life ended too soon on a stormy night on the New Jersey Turnpike. But that is another story for another day. On what would have been his 27th Birthday I decided to finally post his writing for the world to enjoy. His work is still copyright protected, don’t go making it your own or claiming to be the author. His ghost is passionate about protecting his work.


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You can pick up an e-Copy of Weirder than Marshmallows on Amazon for $7.99.


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