I just noticed the program offerings from Carnegie Science Center making the rounds on social media:

CSC program offering

I’ve heard lots of thoughts on this, from girls just aren’t interested in science to the leaders aren’t doing enough.  I do know anecdotally that most of my friends are interested in science, went on to pursue degrees in science and would have jumped at the chance to take the boy classes. They also: barely wear makeup, sign their kids up for enrichment when they can and try to help other kids be more involved. So I have no answer as far as the general populace.

In a past life I headed up a robotics team.  Our first team was 2 girls and 3 boys.  Not equal, but it was an odd number.  That being said my son was one of the boys so if you take him out of the equation the kids were equal as far as gender. Those kids are now 21 and they were 8 at the time, so it’s been a long time!  They have each went on to college and are doing great.  I know I didn’t make an effort to get girls at the time, everything just fell into place.

I have no solutions, but I do know something has to be done. As you look at the makeup of science classes in current colleges they are overwhelming male.  How do you change a stereotype – especially when barbie is there to remind us that ‘Math is Tough’.  Any suggestions?


Carnegie Science Center defends their decision – http://www.post-gazette.com/local/region/2014/10/07/Science-center-doesn-t-sparkle-in-girls-scouting-offerings-critics-say/stories/201410070092