Typewriters are making a comeback.  Last holiday season I noticed typewriters at Michaels for sale.  They are pretty pastel colors and can be gotten with fancy paper to go with.   They are currently about $200 for the new fancy typewriters.  I have one of the old ones, I’m not even sure I can get ribbon for mine now.  I learned typing in high school when electric typewriters were available.  The typewriter I have though is one that was passed down from my mother.  – My oldest son actually has one he found at Goodwill.  I’m not sure I’ll ever use my typewriter again, but it’s one of the things that comes with me despite being super heavy.

Some of the old typewriters had ribbons that allowed you to press a shift key that raised the ball (or the ribbon) to allow the typewriter to type on a red portion of the ribbon instead.  I’ve also seen some of the electric that had a back key and used the same sort of options to allow you to use a white out section of tape.

Why use a Typewriter now:

Typewriters allow forms to be filled in so much easier than using a computer allowed.  A paper form can be typed in.  Personally I have horrible handwriting so filling in a form with a typewriter allows for a much better, cleaner look.  I’d almost consider it so that I could fill in school forms and other papers making them readable!