August 21st there will be an eclipse!  This one is pretty rare.  The moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun.  (The sun is a lot larger than the moon, but the moon is a lot closer).  The eclipse is only visible from a certain path and in the US that happens to include where I am located!  (If not cloudy that day)   Many of the locations are having special events.  If you are interested check the universities near you – if you are in the path.  The path will go through Yellowstone National Park, and many others – including parts of Kentucky where I live.

To view the sun, even during an eclipse you need special glasses.  During an eclipse looking at the sun or taking pictures of it can ruin your eyes or camera.  There are special filters for cameras and special glasses available for your eyes. If you search Amazon, you can find a whole list of glasses available. We have ours already!

You can also make a pinhole camera to see the eclipse. =  The eclipse seems a long way away, but the hotels in all the locations in the path are already all booked up.