For the holidays, one of the gifts we got for the little one was Circuit Maze and I have to admit I love it!  Circuits is port of the fourth grade curriculum here, so it ties in well with the future of what will be going on in school.  The game though is well designed and easy to learn!  Our little one spent hours trying to complete the puzzles.

They start with beginner cards that provide what should be on the board to start and what to add to the board. Kids then figure out where to add the extra pieces to make the lights come on.  We did go through a set of batteries and already have to change them once since starting the game.

I’ve since searched and found more games by ‘thinkfun’ and they all seem to be just as fun!

The game though isn’t designed for multi players – It’s really a one player at a time, with everyone else watching to see if you succeed to make the light come on.

As a side note: As an autism mom since this is not a competitive game – it went really well.  My son did get frustrated a couple times and get upset… but it wasn’t at a level that we didn’t work it out with him and he came back to it – which is rare for a game.