Personally I love Alexa – I ask her what the forecast is, what temperature it is, to set the temperature in rooms, and to turn off and on lights! It works great for lights that are in the corners of the room behind the chairs and impossible to reach.  The Alexa has a large speaker and will read a book from audible, play music, and you can get her to tell a joke too!

I happened to leave my son and husband at home the other day alone with Alexa, in the past this has en a problem, but she has been on the news lately.  My son hasn’t really shown an interest in her (and neither has my husband), so I didn’t think anything of it.  I came home to find Alexa unplugged.  My son told me they did it, and said that she just kept interrupting them.  I’m still not sure how it happened, but the response they gave me was that we don’t need computers in every part of our life…. a step back for my smart home plan!  I have moved Alexa into our bedroom in the hope that it fixes this.

This morning though my son showed his true love for everything literal.  Everything started out innocently when I asked if today was music day?  Nope it’s not.  Oh I thought you had music today.  He said he did, but not all day.  We went on to our quandary of what to wear!  It’s 55 according to the temperature in our window.  I, of course turned to Alexa for the forecast – 56 with a high of 65…. Needless to say this didn’t go over well.  Alexa gave a different temperature than our thermometer on the window.  As I tried to explain that Alexa used a different place and couldn’t walk to the window, I realized that Alexa is mine… and it’s  my toy. In our house I’m not sure it will ever be more than a toy, and I’m not sure anyone but me will use it.  I do like it though!  For what I’m using it for, I could have gotten the cheaper Echo Dot, but for me this works and we have it now.

After the story in the news I did add a special code for ordering. The code is one that everyone knows, including the 8 year old.  I just want to be sure no one orders by mistake!