These look so cool! – A new take on bumping phones but with bracelets.  I remember the equivalent low tech friendship bracelets.  The textbands let you create and send messages to each other by bumping.   I actually think they are fun.

Your band allows you to create messages with up to 10 characters. It could be a word, a feeling, your nickname, something you love, a secret — anything! (I can’t imagine it would stay a secret this way, but this looks like a kind of fun way to pass a message)  – Each message allows up to 10 characters. IM speak can come in handy. Each band can hold up to 24 messages at once.

Step 1: Create your message. Up to 10 characters.

Step 2: Bump fists or hi-5 with friends.

Step 3: UR tradin'

How 2 Use


Create UR own message using up to 10 characters. Change UR message with UR mood. Watch Text Bands in action.


UR band connects U to UR friends. Bump fists, high-five or shake hands with UR friends to trade texts band to band. Learn cool Text Bands games you can play to trade messages with UR friends.

Be U

Say it UR way with style. Choose different interchangeable fashion bands that let U be U.(You can even change the band depending on your mood)


Text Bands starter kits are available only at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, and include a purple or charcoal-colored band and texting module for $14.99. Plus for another $4.99 you can grab one of 8 style bands that kids can swap or change to make their bands their own.

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