I just found this post in a forum I participate in and would love to know what everyone thinks. I personally think all computers are a tool and we should use every tool we can to help educate. Think of what happened when calculators first came out. When I was in school you were not allowed to use them in class, and now they are required….

I think that technology has a place in the educational system – I’m just not sure WHEN to use it. Thoughts?

A Maine school system may be adding the iPad 2 to its list of mandatory kindergarten classroom items, with the district footing the bill.

The Auburn Schools Committee voted unanimously to provide all kindergartners with an iPad 2 next year. Each subsequent kindergarten class would receive individual devices as well, CNN and WGME report.

It would cost the district about $200,000 next year, with Apple cutting them a deal by charing $475 per iPad. Superintendent Tom Morrill says the district will find the money in the budget and through grants.

“What we’re seeing is that this is an essential tool — even more important than a book. It’s a learning tool they need to have.”

Skeptical community members say the kids are too young to take care of an iPad and that they simply don’t need it.


There’s a video in the link.

My little one (2 years old) carries our iPad around all the time and has learned a LOT from it. He does other things like look through books and color, but the iPad is one of the great tools that he uses a lot of the time.

Another friend was nice enough to send me a link on managing kid’s screen time. http://teachmama.com/2011/02/nfuf-managing-kids-screen-time-with-game-time-cards.html I can see needing restrictions on playing games, especially First Person Shooters (FPS). – But what about time working on researching a report for school on the computer, or playing a trivia game, hangman, or another game like spelling. Then there is time spent programming and creating your own game with things like YoYo Game Maker. Kids can learn anything from spelling to logic skills. I’ve even heard advocates for FPS games talk about the fine motor skill development from these games. (Then you add systems like Kinect and they might be getting physical activity too.)

What do you think?