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A friend shared FunBrain with me and I thought I should check it out! I ended up stuck in one of the games that let you lift a blob monster into the air and drop him onto a teeter totter … Continue reading

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Playing Games – Family Game Night

Last night we took a break from the computer and played Trouble.  – Actually it was a modified version of Trouble since we are missing almost all the pieces.  I thought it would be great to clear out the cabinets … Continue reading

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Free Composing Notebook Pages!

Currclick is currently offering free composer notebook pages.   Music been shown to tie to Math and Language skills.  If you are homeschooling music is one of the fun subjects that can be included.  A couple months ago I reviewed a … Continue reading

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Cool Music Site!

My middle son was just showing me a cool site, actually he was showing his little brother and they were having such a good time I had to come check it out.  Apparently it’s also an iPad app, but they … Continue reading

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Interactive Puzzle Books for the Kindle

I just noticed the book Hamster Habitat is free for the Kindle currently. It’s only for Kindle, but if you have a Kindle, a puzzle book can be a great way to develop problem solving skills while having a good … Continue reading

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