Trip to Virginia

While in Virginia we thought we would see a few things. First I searched the internet for things to do with kids in the Charlottesville, VA area. We were going for a physics conference and only going to be there for a couple days at most.   It just happened to be the...

Partly Off Topic – Political…..

It always amazes me how much our kids pick up from adults.... and explaining things going on around us is tough.  I believe strongly in letting my kids decide, but I'm sure our decisions bleed over too....  We try in everything to look up and have sources.  This was a...

Videos and Fun!

A fun thing my little one and I have done that I've found he enjoys is making videos of things we have gotten to review.  I like to post reviews of items I've gotten on Amazon to let people know what I think of them.... (the ball below isn't this one, but it is the...

YouTube Stimming

Stimming is: Self-stimulatory behaviour – or stimming – is repetitive or unusual body movement or noises.  My son stims though as he gets older I’ve noticed the type of stimming has changed.  He would pace and pace, making the whole floor shake when in the house doing...

Kids and Politics….

It's pretty amazing how much our kids pick up from what's going on around them.  No matter how much we think they are not really paying attention.  I was pretty shocked when my son's teacher had them fill out a sheet of If I was the president at school.  It's not...

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I am a SAHM/WAHM of three boys ranging in age from 8 to 23. We are working on saving enough for college at the same time as taking care of the kids at home. I author a few blogs, including I have in the past taught computer information technology classes for the local university and taught workshops for kid's in technology education besides being the Kentucky State FIRST LEGO League Championship Coordinator from 2005 to 2008. I now work as a computer consultant, run a handmade home business, and am available for workshops. Life here is always an adventure!

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